Juan Qin is an artist︎, designer︎, and VJ ︎  from China, Norway based.                                         Say hi @theqinjuan___

Midi for VJs

I am a female visual artist, designer, and I have always been very interested in using the form of moving images, video, motion graphics, images to create experiences and tell stories. 

I started to work as a VJ at the beginning of 2020, and I have always wanted to have a stylish and wearable midi controller box. Most midi controllers that I can find in the market are often very masculine looking, or only focused on the function but less on the appearance design, or it is just too expensive. I want to design a midi controller that balances well between function and appearance and is user-friendly to not only males but also females.

It is light and easy to carry around. You, of course, can place it on the table while VJing, but you do not have to. You can wear it on and play it like when you play the electric guitar.

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