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Strange Phenomenon Weird Sensation – a multi-sensory soothing lab

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A project uses speculative design as a methodology to generate ideas, apply creative coding, and sensory technology as tools, and lead a dialectical discussion about the future possibilities of visual communication design. Also, to think how can ASMR media become an inspirational resource for people who work not only in the field of visual communication design but also in mental health, textile design, spatial design, and furniture design

Touch the visual, listen to the texture, come closer, slow down, calm down, sense it, feel it, relax, and have a good time.

Welcome to the year of XXX, experiencing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) media has become a new normal and part of our daily lives. You might hear people telling you that a piece of chocolate will make you feel better when you are sad. But today, there is an alternative solution: the ASMR treatment! So welcome to the Strange Phenomenon Weird Sensation–a multi-sensory soothing lab. So welcome to the Strange Phenomenon Weird Sensation – a multi-sensory soothing lab. Here you will experience three installation pieces that trigger your senses and touch your feelings.

Mukbang – Follow Me
“Mukbang, also called meokbang, is known as an eating show, an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host consumes various quantities of food while interacting with the audience.” This is an interactive experience that which when the mouse is pressed, the image will become visible, and it will follow where the mouse moves, as well as the play speed of the sound, which will affect where the mouse is on the screen. So, the audience can choose which “food” you find enjoyable to view. At the same time, you can adjust the play speed of the sound and control the visual outcome based on the individual's preference by moving the mouse.

The Pillow Project – Have a Good Sleep
It is an interactive, wearable installation piece with sounds triggered by human body movement. The bigger the body moves, the louder the sound is. In contrast, the smaller the body moves, the lower the sound becomes. As a result, the sound will gradually fade out when people stay still and fall asleep. With this wearable fashion item, you can comfortably receive ASMR treatment whenever and wherever.

Strange Phenomenon Weird Sensation – Feel It
This installation consists of three characters, Bubble, Fluid, and Fluff.

The first character on the left is inspired by bubble wrap. It is a material that has been frequently reported as the experience of squeezing the air bubble makes people feel satisfied and feel good. Bubble connected to the visual displayed in canvas 1. When theaudience presses the Bubble, the plastic Bubble will explode the same as the blue Bubble on the canvas.

There is a lot of interesting discussion about how water makes people feel calm, like the sound of raindrops, the sound of drinking water, the sound of a stream, etc. Water is all around us and part of our human body. But have you ever thought about how the water feels? Did you ever pay attention to its texture and temperature, have you ever touched it, and how does it feel to you? Relaxing? Refreshing? Calming? So, in the second container, it fills up with water. Fluid is connected to the visual that is displayed in canvas 2. When the audience touches Fluid, the visual will be triggered and sound will follow.

Among ASMR media, interacting with soft material is a prevalent phenomenon, for example, squeezing slim, brushing hair, eating jelly putting, sponge cake, marshmallows, petting animals, and so on. So, a piece of soft fur has been used to visualize this theme. Scratching Fluff’s surface, gentle stroking will affect the man’s movement on canvas three. So, the audience can decide whether to save him from falling into a mysterious, bizarre, and virtual space by giving a delicate touch to Fluff.

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